Oliver Fortune Chikodzore

Oliver Fortune Chikodzore

CEO, The African Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Specialising in Thought- Leadership

Introduction of the Case Study

On Behalf of The African Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, Oliver Chikodzore will explain the trends that shaped the conference theme and AIEC’s in the development of entrepreneurship on the African Continent.


CEO, The African Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

Author, Global Speaker, Mining Partner, Farmer, Writer and Business Strategist Expert

Oliver Chikodzore is an entrepreneur, who specialises in thought-leadership and strengths-based personal development. He is an abstract thinker, yet also a concrete theorist of note. This is evident in his articles and his works in various thought-leader platforms, in which he has held presentations and lectures through Project Management South Africa (PMSA) and Cape Media Corporation, Egyptian African Business Association as well as our AIEC inhouse events for the past 8 years.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of The African Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre: an initiative that helps uplift the youth in struggling communities and mobilize the future of African development and economic growth. A fervid entrepreneur at heart, Oliver speaks professionally on leadership, innovation change and creating a high-performance culture. Oliver believes the blueprint to building a successful business lies in getting four key pillars right: the quality of its leadership; its ability to innovate strategically and creatively; its proficiency at managing change intelligently; and lastly, the degree to which it can embed a high-performance culture in people, especially in identifying critical aspects in high-pressure situations. He is extremely passionate about instilling leaders with the necessary skills to build empires and achieve greatness within a highly competitive market.








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