Jacqueline “Jackie” Anim

Jacqueline “Jackie” Anim

Advisory Board Member i2iMegaHub


Jacqueline “Jackie” Anim is a Ghanaian – American chemical engineer, inventor, novelist, educator, and a philanthropist with over 28 combined experiences in the automotive and medical device industry. Currently an industry and technical leader at Ethicon Endosurgery a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). This highly skilled subject matter expert has influenced the global agenda when it comes to materials utilization for enhancing patient care. Gifted to see both internal and industry wide unmet needs less visible to others and improving the biological safety material selection and segregation in general. She is frequently invited to provide keynote address at conferences and frequent panelist at medical device and manufacturing trade shows around the world. Her influence in the industry aided her in coaching and helping others and successfully led large collaboration teams across continents.

Jackie possesses a strong combination of strategic vision and hands on leadership around material transformation engineering/innovation and product market dynamics in relation to base business while improving patient lives. Some of her industry wide award recognition include a Global Excellence Award in Automotive in both 2005 & 2009. Also, she won the JNJ Excellence in Science Award in 2015 for leading the development of a high temperature performance polymer for medical device applications, and most recently gained back-to-back recognition when the Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized (P.O.W.E.R) who named her the 2019 Engineer of the year and Woman of Excellence/industry Leader, respectively. Moreover, Jackie has been named the 2021 Leading Women in Engineering & Science by Medical Design Briefs a world renown tech-media group. Jackie is a reviewer of medical material process textbooks and holds several patents and technical publications in this space. Jackie is a member of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) an International standard organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for wide range of materials, products, systems and services, Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) Medical Division, American Chemical Society (ACS), Society of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), and Green Chemistry Commerce Council (GC3).

Jackie is also the Director of Smiling Hope Ministry a Non-profit Organization located in USA and Ghana with a mission to help children with socio-economic disadvantages. Jackie who is well travelled is also an active and substantive circular writer with over six publications contributing to the discussion on proliferation and the adaptation of know engineering solutions for the strategic advancement and industrialization of Ghana and Africa in general.

Currently, Jacqueline “Jackie” Anim is an Advisory Board Member for i2iMegaHub. i2iMegaHub is an NGO providing support to especially the African youth take their viable ideas to make positive global impacts.

Email: jackieanim2@yahoo.com

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